Diversity Invitational Sponsored by Speedo

The Cullen Jones Diversity Invitational (CJDI) sponsored by Speedo is a for-profit initiative to drive awareness and the growth of swimming within minority communities throughout the country.

The goal of the Cullen Jones Diversity Invitational (CJDI) sponsored by Speedo is to create a multi-ethnic swim meet with children and parents coming together to learn and compete while creating a unified opportunity to be educated on what swimming is truly about.

  • Regional Swim Meet – Young swimmers ages 8-18 of all nationalities and ethnicity will come together and compete.
  • Parents Seminar – Debra Jones, Cullen’s mother, will host an educational discussion about swim safety for parents.
  • Coaches Social– Coaches and Swim Directors will learn best practices and ways to help grow and expand diversity within the sport of swimming. Guest Coach: Rodney Sellars
  • Social Swim Media – Athletes will be provided with Wifi on/off deck and the #CJDI event hash tag to tweet to friends and teammates about the meet. Their will also be a social media competition amongst the swimmers. Stay tuned for more details.

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